A Haunting (Season 2)

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A Haunting is an American television series which depicts eyewitness accounts of alleged ghostly encounters, hauntings, possessions, and exorcisms; it uses dramatic reenactments and interviews to bring to life apparent paranormal experiences. Most episodes feature incidents in various locations in the United States, although there are also episodes set in England, Canada, Ireland, and Taiwan.

We have all eight episodes of the second season of the show available to watch here on Documentary Vine, it was originally broadcast in 2006. Navigate between the episodes via the numbered tabs beneath the video player, or by using the episode link list below. When you have finished watching move on to season three.

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In 2014 a special edition 9 DVD box set was released, which contains all of the first six seasons of A Haunting plus two hour long specials. Consider purchasing in that format to watch in the highest possible quality and without ad interruption.

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