9/11: The Falling Man

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The Falling Man has become one of the most iconic images of 9/11, in fact one of the most thought-provoking images of the 21st century so far. The image was shot at precisely 9:41:15 am on September 11th and it shows an unidentified man in mid-air, falling from the North Tower. It is not clear whether the man jumped to escape the fire, smoke, and general chaos which surrounded him in the upper floors of the tower, or whether he fell whilst attempting to find a route to safety.

At least 200 people fell to their death from the two towers on that fateful day, at least some of whom jumped intentionally to avoid burning or choking to death. In September 2003 Esquire Magazine ran an article entitled ‘The Falling Man’ and printed the image, and it was that article which spawned this documentary film of the same name. Both the article and this film assert that the jumper is likely to have been a man named Jonathan Briley.

The Falling Man debuted in the UK on Channel 4 in 2006, despite being an American production, it has since been broadcast in over 30 countries worldwide and viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube.

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