6.57 Crew

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An old 1980’s local TV documentary about the notorious 6.57 crew, a Portsmouth FC hooligan firm which was one of the largest and most active organised football firms of the period. At the height of its activity the firm had up to 500 members, the name of the firm came from the time that the football special train to London would leave the station in Portsmouth.

The firm is still active now but has a much smaller membership base, estimated to have between 50 and 150 members of varied activity. In 2004 the Portsmouth chairman banned 54 fans from attending home games for life after several incidents of football violence involving the firm. Earlier in that season 64 Portsmouth fans had been issued football banning orders by the courts.


There have been several books about the infamous 6.57 crew, the most acclaimed is probably Bob Beech’s 2007 book Playing Up with Pompey: The Story of the Portsmouth 6.57 Crew. It is available in paperback or hardcover.

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