24 Hours on Craigslist

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24 Hours on Craigslist is a feature length 2005 documentary directed by and produced by Michael Ferris Gibson. The film attempts to capture a typical 24 hour period on Craigslist by interviewing the people behind a selection of posts, all of which were submitted to the site on August 4, 2003. All Craigslist posters on that day were given the option to provide permission to be contacted producer when submitting their ads. A total of 121 people who submitted posts on August 4th 2003 were contacted and interviewed for the film.

Michael Ferris Gibson had the idea to make the documentary after surfing every category of Craigslist one night and immediately set about drafting a proposal, within two days later he was in a meeting with CEO Jim Buckmaster and founder Craig Newmark and they gave permission for the film to go ahead. Everything that went in to the film was sourced from Craigslist, even the music, and Newmark selected the specific day which would be covered by drawing dates out of a hat.

The finished article was screened at nine film festivals, winning Best Documentary at one of them, it was also given a limited theatrical release in the United States and Canada and released on DVD in North America.

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