101 Australian Birds

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Australia is home to an astonishing 750 different species of bird, some of them among the most beautiful and most unique species on the planet and the diversity of the bird population owes a lot to the diversity of the Australian landscape which has plenty of deserts, woodlands, rainforests, rivers and seashores all in one huge landmass. From huge emus to exotic colorful parrots, Australia has something for every bird watcher.

101 Australian Birds is a 109 minute long Australian Geographic documentary which first aired in 2005, it examines various species of bird that are native to Australia including some of the most unusual. It was also released on DVD with a second short documentary included on the disc as a DVD extra, Australia’s Most Beautiful Birds.


If you are a bird spotter and plan to travel to Australia to see some of their many birds then The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds is the must have guide for the identification of all of the birds recorded so far in Australia.

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