10 MPH

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In 2014 two Americans, bored with their corporate jobs, decided to start their own production company. With very little film-making experience, and a shortage of funds, they took to the internet to raise funds for a movie. A friend of theirs gave them the idea to make a documentary about the Segway, which was a hot new product a the time. What they did next was an astonishing feat of patience and endurance.

They purchased a Segway and one of the men, Josh Caldwell, rose the scooter from Boston to Seattle. The other man, Josh Weeks, filmed the entire trip. The film is called 10 mph because that just so happened to be the top speed of their chosen vehicle. Weeks and the rest of the production crew followed Caldwell by car for the entire trip, capturing some 180 hours of footage which was edited into this 92 minute documentary. The entire cost of production was just $54000.

The resulting film is highly entertaining and they meet both welcoming people and extremely rude people, at one point they are berated by a cop for driving at 10 miles per hour on a road with a 45 mph speed limit. Inevitably they experience various technical problems, mainly keeping the battery charged of course.

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