The Jihadis Next Door
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The Jihadis Next Door

The Jihadis Next Door is an honest, uncomfortable look at one of the most common questions surrounding the growth of radical extremist Islam in the western world—namely, the question of “how could this happen here?” Director Jamie Roberts uncovers the reality of home-grown radicalism in the United Kingdom by following one man’s path from bouncy castle salesman to radical terrorist and international fugitive.

Roberts meets with and interviews self-proclaimed extremists in the UK in order to better understand the way that these individuals are able to spread their message to disaffected individuals. By providing a sense of identity and purpose, Roberts proposes, these messengers are able to tempt exactly the kind of person who “should” know better to a life of terrorism, extremism, and radical violence.

Raw, courageous, and utterly unflinching, The Jihadis Next Door shows exactly how extremist Islam can flourish worldwide.