The Boy with the Incredible Brain
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The Boy with the Incredible Brain

The Boy with the Incredible Brain, one of a series of documentaries on the remarkable and extraordinary humans around the world, follows Daniel Paul Tammet, an English savant with unbelievable mental abilities as he travels to the United States to discuss the secrets that his brain may hold.

Known around the world for his work as an essayist, novelist, poet, and translator, Tammet has been tested by research facilities around the world in the hopes that scientists can find a way of understanding what makes his brain so effortlessly superior to that of the average human.

The Boy with the Incredible Brain provides a personal approach to that scientific question, and allows for a glimpse of the man behind the truly extraordinary abilities. The film accompanies Daniel Tammet as he travels the world, and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of that incredible mind.