The 9/11 Faker
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The 9/11 Faker

The 9/11 Faker is the story of Tania Head, a Spanish woman who claimed to be one of just 19 survivors from the floors in the South Tower above where the plane hit on September 11th. She became one of the iconic survivors of the attack, claiming to have lost her fiancé in the North Tower. Tania went as far as becoming the president of the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network, leading tours of the site and being photographed with leading politicians at the time. The only problem with her story is that she was actually in Barcelona on the day of the attacks.

The documentary sets the story in the context of real survivor’s stories as they try to deal with their feelings of survivor’s guilt, PTSD, and other trauma. Tania infiltrates this group of survivors and uses their own vulnerability against them to gain notoriety and sympathy with an incredible story of nearly impossible survival.