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DocumentaryVine.com is a curated site which is aiming to grow to become the biggest collection of free to watch documentary films on the internet, for educational and entertainment purposes. There are other sites which collect and organise documentaries for streaming but we aim to do things a little bit better by providing multiple means of discovery and allowing direct submission of documentaries by filmmakers.
None of the videos on Documentary Vine are hosted on this sites servers but are instead embedded directly from popular and reputable video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion, or directly from websites of content producers (e.g. Vice, Vevo). The operators of Documentary Vine do not upload any of these videos to third party sites themselves.
Yes, we welcome direct submissions from film makers who want to give their documentary some additional exposure. We can't host your documentary but we will embed a video uploaded to a DMCA compliant video sharing site such as Vimeo or YouTube. To submit your documentary visit this page.
If you are the rights holder of a documentary and believe that your copyright has been breached by the uploader then we recommend that you file a copyright complaint with the host site to request its removal, this will automatically remove the video from all sites who are embedding it from source. We only embed videos from DMCA compliant video sharing sites. If you are both the rights holder and source uploader and don't want a video to be embedded on third party sites such as DocumentaryVine.com then consider turning off the embed option at the source site (sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion provide the option to disable embeds). If you simply object to your documentaries inclusion on DocumentaryVine.com and don't wish to remove the source file or turn off embeds then we will happily comply with a request to remove content, get in touch here.
Sometimes videos are removed from the source sites and unfortunately we can't always find replacements quickly. We use advanced custom software in our back end which tells us when a video is broken, so there no need for you to report broken videos.
If you love the idea behind this website and want to support its growth then there are three simple things you can do:   Follow Us On Social Media.  Nothing would make us happier than to have you follow us on social media so that we can remind you that we exist once and a while and share the latest awesome documentaries. DocumentaryVine can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. Submit Documentaries Our aim is to become the single biggest source of quality free to view documentary films on the web, but reaching that goal is going to take a long time. You can help speed up this process by submitting documentaries! Simply fill out the form on the submit page. Share Documentaries Beneath every video is a share button which enables direct sharing of any video to various social networks. If you like a documentary then share it with your friends!
We actually have the ability to integrate a channel system whereby content creators can manage their own profile and uploads which we may introduce at a later stage. We will probably never have a forum, they can be very time consuming to moderate and we'd rather invest our time in growing our inventory of great documentaries.
Some similar sites allow users to rate videos out of 10, this is however a highly flawed system on a site which is embedding videos from other sources. Between a video breaking and the source file being replaced a documentary can receive low ratings on the basis that the video wasn't functioning. This is very unfair on filmmakers, a rating system should only relate to how much a viewer enjoyed a documentary rather than the availability of that documentary at any given time. Instead we allow viewers to give a simple thumbs up if they enjoyed a video, and the documentaries with the most thumbs up get extra exposure on the site.
Simple, visit our contact page and fill out the form.