Eat, Fast and Live Longer
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Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Eat, Fast, and Live Longer follows British journalist and physician Michael Mosley on his journey to increase his health and lose weight while maintaining his lifestyle. His lofty goal was to lose weight and become healthier while making as little change as possible to his way of life.

As a means of reaching his goal, Mosley embarks on a journey across the United States to research the effects short periods of hunger have on the body. Personal experimentation with fasting and feasting lead Mosley to discover that this pattern of eating can be beneficial to both the body and the brain.

The feast and famine method of eating seems to reduce the risks of such diseases as diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. The calorie restriction of the famine portion seems to have anti-aging benefits. The feasting portion of the journey allows for experiencing favorite foods without severe limitation.