Why Hate Ryanair?

Published on 14th April 2016 by

Ryanair has become, in the UK, one of the businesses that the public loves to hate. It feels like every week that you’ll hear somebody moaning about their terrible experience flying with the no-frills airline, yet the business is also hugely successful and people continue to use the airline to travel. It seems that the public wants to benefit from the airlines super low prices but without compromising on the service offered by more expensive alternatives.

In this half an hour 2009 episode of Panorama the BBC ask the simple question, Why Hate Ryanair? Passengers, suppliers, and the businesses charismatic CEO contribute to the program. Ryanair, an Irish business, is one of the worlds fastest growing airlines. They started in 1985 with just one plane flying a single route, now the business operates a fleet of 300 airlines and growing.

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