Walk The Hard Road

Published on 12th February 2016 by

Joe Roberts is a former homeless Canadian street kid with a heroin addiction, he is now a successful CEO having been one of the lucky few who manage to turn their life around. He started using drugs aged just 9 and dropped out of high school after being imprisoned for drug possession at the age of just 16, at around the time that he’d begun injecting hard drugs. At age 18 he was homeless and living on the streets. He turned his life around at the age of 25 after successfully completing an intensive treatment program. He now leads a business in Vancouver which employs 15 people.

As well as pursuing a career in business he also began talking to young people about drugs in schools and established a foundation which works on drug prevention. Walk The Hard Road is a short documentary which focuses on Roberts and his business partner as they plan to push a shopping cart across Canada to raise awareness to the problem of homeless kids in Canada.

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