Underground LSD Palace

Published on 1st February 2016 by

We love Vice documentaries, but some of them are just extraordinarily whacky. This one, Underground LSD Palace, is so intriguing that you are left wondering whether the subject is genuine or the creation of a skilled fantasist of Ron L. Hubbard proportions.

This documentary is really just a well edited interview with an American woman named Krystle Cole who spent three years living in a missile silo which had been converted into a luxury palace by a heir to a huge fortune. The silo also served as one of the biggest LSD manufacturing facilities in the world, and she was apparently held against her will and used as a guinea pig to test new psychedelic chemicals.

Eventually her rich captor was arrested and indicted but Krystle avoided incarceration as authorities believed her story about being held captive. She now makes a living as a self published writer, writing various books about drugs including one about using MDMA to treat PTSD.

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