The Krays by Fred Dinenage


The TV presenter Fred Dinenage was the official biographer of the Kray Twins and the editor of and contributor to the bestselling book ‘Our Story‘, the Kray Twins joint biography. In this documentary The Krays by Fred Dinenage he reveals the truth about the time he spent with the twins and what they told him about their brutal crimes.

The Krays were keen to tell their story before they died and they chose Dinenage as their official biographer, informing all associates that he had permission for access and warning off another author who believed he had an agreement to tell their story. The book took four years to write with Dinenage frequently meeting with both of the twins and numerous associates on the outside, when the book was finally published a tabloid media hate campaign almost cost him his career.

For this documentary, for the first time, he gets in front of a camera to relay stories about his meetings with the twins and revisits various people that he’d interviewed 25 years earlier whilst researching the book.

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