The 9/11 Faker (Tania Head)


The 9/11 Faker is a 2008 Cutting Edge feature about Tania Head, the woman who fooled everybody when she falsely claimed to be a 9/11 survivor. Head claimed that she was one of only nineteen people at or above the point of impact in WTC 2 to survive.

Her vivid account of her experiences that day fooled everybody, including survivors, politicians, the media, and relatives of those who died in the attacks. She became the president of the World Trade Center Survivor’s Network and made public appearances with the New York mayor and other dignitaries.

As her fame grew so did the number of people asking questions about her, and it later transpired that she had not been in New York on September 11th at all but attending a course 3000 miles away in her native Spain.

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