Spice Boys

Published on 1st February 2016 by

Vice visit Manchester in the UK to explore the growing problem of addiction to ‘spice’, legal synthetic marijuana for this 15 minute video. The drug has become popular with the homeless in Manchester as it is more affordable than illegal street drugs like heroin.

The filmmakers meet some users who have completely fallen apart physically and mentally, leaving any viewer amazed that these synthetic drugs remain legal. Spice has become a huge problem with the homeless in Manchester who start smoking the drug to help them get to sleep, instead of drinking alcohol, but subsequently become addicted and start talking it around the clock, the police service and ambulance service in Manchester have spoken publicly about the pressure the drugs users are putting on the resources of the emergency services.

Spice has also become the drug of choice in British prisons, it is mentioned in the short BBC 3 documentary Breaking into Prison by Livvy Haydock who explores the black market inside UK prisons for various drugs, including spice, as well as other desired goods including phones and sim cards.

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