Rik Mayall: Lord of Misrule

Published on 8th April 2016 by

An hour long tribute to the late great Rik Mayall, a much loved British comedian and actor, broadcast on British TV in 2014 following his sudden death in the same year at the age of 56. Mayall is perhaps best known for his work on The Young Ones, Bottom, Blackadder, The Comic Strip Presents…, The New Statesmen, and the lead role in the film Drop Dead Fred. In 2010 Mayall was voted in onto a list of the top 100 best ever stand up comedians.

The documentary features contributions from numerous people who knew and worked with Mayall, as well as from other prominent British comedians and entertainers, including Ben Elton, Lenny Henry, Lise Mayer, Michael Palin, Greg Davies, Jools Holland, Simon Pegg, and more.

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