Panorama: Millwall

Published on 19th February 2016 by

An old 1977 Panorama feature on Millwall’s famous F-Troop / Bushwackers / The Treatment football hooligan firms, at the time one of the most feared collection of football hooligan firms in British football and with a global reputation for their extreme violence.

The film meets numerous younger members of the firm including the infamous ‘Harry the Dog’ and other members as they talk candidly about their activities and the extent of their willingness to use violence. e.g. “If some northern ponce has a go at me I’ll put a ****ing glass in his ‘ed”. Millwall is still a club closely associated with hooliganism to this day, and the Millwall Bushwackers are believed to still have 200 to 250 active members. See more football hooligan documentaries here.

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