Oxy: The Hidden Epidemic

Published on 1st February 2016 by

For decades the governments of developed countries worldwide have fought tirelessly to stop the flow of illegal narcotics into their countries, and waged war against those caught in possession of illegal substances. It is however an entirely legal prescription opoid-based drug named Oxycontin which is striking fear into governments and communities worldwide.  Australia is for example, just like America, at serious risk of experiencing an Oxycontin epidemic.

The Australian documentary Oxy: The Hidden Epidemic explores the world of Oxycontin users and dependency, with unique insights from addicts, former addicts, and suppliers, as well as the medical staff who have to face-off a fast increasing number of requests by patients for the drug. Oxycontin is prescribed legitimately to those suffering chronic pain but many of the tablets find their way to the black market where a single packet can fetch $1000. Many of the addicts develop an addiction after having been prescribed the drug to cope with pain.

A former dealer of the drug explains how he and a group of associates would travel around duping doctors into prescribing Oxycontin, a scam which would net them $20000 worth of pills per week. The package worth $1000 on the black market costs just $5 on the government subsidized prescription scheme. When you have finished watching this documentary you should check out The Oxycontin Express.

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