Ibogaine: Rite of Passage

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Ibogaine is a substance which is derived directly from a root plant which grows in Western Africa, primarily Gabon. In the 1960′s a man named Howard Lotsof discovered what he believed to be anti-addictive properties. The drug has been the subject of much controversy ever since, with the practice of initiating Ibogaine based detox unauthorized throughout most of the developed world.

Governments and pharmaceuticals have shunned Ibogaine as a means of recovery from addiction, and with no real research carried out into the drug the legitimacy of claims that it can cure addiction still hang very much in the air. Over the past decade it has been the topic of much debate among drug takers and drug treatment counselors  and there have been numerous documentaries about Ibogaine produced.

Ibogaine: Rite of Passage is a 2004 documentary which discusses the current status of Ibogaine in society. In 1993 the FDA decided that  Ibogaine showed promising signs as a treatment for addiction but no pharmaceutical company or state has invested the money required for in depth research or development of the substance into a mainstream drug. The problem, you see, is that Ibogaine cannot be patented. Drugs companies have a vested interest in ignoring Ibogaine in favor of their own largely ineffective drugs for no other reason than to maintain profit.

If you want to watch more about ibogaine consider the David Graham Scott documentaries Detox or Die (2004) and Iboga Nights (2014).

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