Hooligans: Foreign Fields

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Foreign Fields is the third and final episode of a trilogy of 2002 TV documentaries by the BBC. This episode examines the growing impact of football hooligan groups in Argentina and Italy where hooliganism was more prevalent than ever and groups have become highly organised and political.

The crew gained access into the heart of two of the most revered and notorious football hooligan firms on the planet, the Irriducibilli firm of Italian club Lazio and the Barras Brava firm of Boca Juniors in Argentina. In Argentina in particular there has been a huge rise in deaths at football matches and at one stage they had to suspend the league season in the country due to heightened tensions causing an increased security risk to civilians, police officers and players. In Argentina the firms don’t just use baseball bats and knuckle dusters, the use of guns has become common.

The documentary goes undercover to expose to expose the leaders of the groups and gain and gain an insight into the inner-workings of the organisations. There is also plenty of open filming too and contributions from Lazio legend Paulo Di Canio and Boca Juniors legend Diego Maradona.

The first documentary in this trilogy is Hooligans: No One Likes Us which looks at hooliganism in England, and the second is Hooligans: Kicking Off which looked back at the riots caused by England fans in the Euro 2002 tournament and what happened to them when they returned to England after the tournament.

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