The Grindr Serial Killer: Stephen Port’s Murders


In November 2016 British man Stephen Port was convicted of killing four young gay men with lethal doses of the date-rape drug GBH and then dumping their bodies in locations close to the apartment in which he lived. Port had met all of the men on the gay hookup app Grindr.

Port was convicted of multiple rapes and four killings and sentenced to a whole life term, meaning he will never be eligible for parole. The police have revealed that they are opening up the case files of 58 other GBH related deaths to see if they can link any of them to Port.

This short 2016 documentary revolves around the account of one of the victims friends, who explains how it is that his friend came to become one of the killers victims. The interviewee claims that the police could have apprehended Port and prevented further deaths if they had acted more quickly. The failings of the police were explored in a subsequent longer 2017 BBC documentary, How Police Missed The Grindr Killer.

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