Gateway to Heroin

Published on 29th January 2016 by

Boston now boasts the rather unflattering title as the city with the highest rate of opiate addiction and overdose. In this Vanguard documentary Gateway To Heroin investigate journalist Mariana van Zeller explores the epidemic in Boston and uncovers a disturbing link between the widespread availability of the prescription drug Oxycontin and its uglier and dirtier cousin the street drug heroin.

van Zeller meets with two addicts from Boston including a former high school football star who first became addicted to Oxycontin when he was prescribed it for pain after he injured himself during a football game and a young lady who graduated from painkiller addiction to heroin addiction; at one point she chillingly looks through her high school year book and points at numerous former school friends who now take heroin. Also worth a watch on this subject are The Oxy Trap (2011) and The Oxycontin Express (2009).

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