Exit Through The Gift Shop


Exit Through The Gift Shop is a 2010 documentary by elusive street artist Banksy, it tells the story of a Los Angeles based French street artist and video store owner Thierry Guetta. The film is made up of numerous video clips that Guetta is purported to have filmed himself, although there has been extensive debate over whether Guetta is a genuine person or a character created entirely for the purpose of this film. It was nominated for an academy award in 2011.

Included in the film is an appearance by Banksy who of course has his face covered and his voice altered to protect his anonymity. Is this film genuine? Is it a mockumentary, with Guetta’s art produced under the name Mr. Brainwash actually being the product of Banksy himself? Was the world of art and film taken for a ride, or is this film as genuine as Banksy claims? The only way to make up your mind is to watch it.

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