Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply


Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply is a tragic 1998 documentary which begins with photojournalist Lanre Fehintola deciding to experiment with the drugs being taken by the drug addicted subjects of a book he was working on to try and understand them, ‘immersion’ if you like.

The film then charts his own long struggle with addiction to heroin as he becomes increasingly dependent on the drug (in 2000 he released the book Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply). Like many people who decide to try the drug, he arrogantly thought that he was above addiction.

A follow up documentary Cold Turkey was made by his friend and fellow photojournalist Leo Regan and screened in 2001, it documents Fehintola’s attempt to kick his 9 year old habit by going cold turkey and successfully shows the grim reality of the drug and the difficulty of getting clean.

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