The Diary of Jack the Ripper


‘Jack the Ripper’ is the name given to a serial killer who was active in the then-impoverished Whitechapel area of London around 1888, it remains the most famous series of unsolved murders in history – the Ripper was never apprehended and there has been a lot of speculation about the killers identity. He was also referred to at the time as ‘The Whitechapel Killer’. The victims were typically female prostitutes, their throats were cut and their abdomens mutilated.

The Diary of Jack the Ripper is a 1993 documentary about the discovery in 1991 of a diary written by a man named James Maybrick. The diary was widely considered at the time to be evidence that the middle class man James Maybrick was in fact the Ripper, although there is now speculation that the diary itself is a hoax document. The documentary retraces Maybrick’s steps through dramatization to assert the theory that he may well be the killer.

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