Cracked Not Broken

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Cracked Not Broken is a 2006 documentary which tells the story of Lisa, a woman who was raised in a comfortable middle-class Canadian family, with a good education and a good group of honest law abiding friends. Fast forward to age 37 and she is a crack addicted prostitute with a child that she never sees. The film has a real shock factor and is at times difficult to watch as it forces you to challenge your stereotypes and encourages you to reconsider the blanket views that you might have towards addicts.

Lisa is clearly intelligent and shows herself as capable of discussing her addiction in an honest and open manner, describing the events that led her down the path that she took in adult life. She craves sobriety like so many female addicts so that she can return to being a normal loving mother and daughter, as well as to educate and help other addicts or would-be addicts.

The documentary premiered at the Toronto prestigious San Francisco Film Festival on May 14th 2006, and rights were subsequently picked up for broadcast in the UK and Israel and by HBO for screening in the United States. The films director Paul Perrier and the subject of the documentary, Lisa, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss the film.

You will probably be left wondering what has happened to Lisa in the five or six years which have followed the conclusion of broadcasting. Paul Perrier published a blog post in October 2012 which confirmed that she had been clean and sober for five years.

NOTE: Apologies, this video is now a trailer only upload due to the free source being removed from the internet. In order to watch it you will need to stream it on Amazon, the only place we can currently find it available online
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