Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years


A two season documentary series by A&E which tells the story of the history of Christianity and its impact on the world between the year 0 to the year 2000, it was aired in the year 2001 and released as a DVD boxset. The first four episodes tell the story of the first one thousand years A.D., from the Roman Empire to the time that the East and West split in around 1054.

The next four episodes tell the story of the next thousand years, up to the year 2000, from the East/West schism, the Crusades, the Reformation, up to the church in modern times. All eight episodes are available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate via the numbered lists below the video embed above or via the list of episodes below.

Christianity: The First Thousand Years (Season 1)

Christianity: The Second Thousand Years (Season 2)

We also recommend that you watch the six part 2009 BBC Series A History of Christianity and the eight part 2009 Channel 4 documentary series Christianity: A History.

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