Chasing The Cumbrian Killer

Published on 1st February 2016 by

A Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary broadcast in 2010 and documenting the Cumbria spree killing of Derrick Bird, a 52 year old tax driver who shot dead twelve people and injured eleven more in two hours of activity on June 2nd 2010. Bird then shot himself dead. It is one of the most significant criminal acts involving firearms in UK history.

His first victim was his twin brother David, he then killed the family solicitor Kevin Commons. His third victim was a fellow taxi driver, Darren Rewcastle, with whom Bird had had several disputes over fare poaching. He shot and wounded a couple of other taxi drivers that he knew personally. He then progressed to random shootings, attempting and in many cases succeeding to kill strangers on the streets of Cumbria.

It was never ascertained what led him to carry out the killings, although it is known that Bird had sought help from a local hospital for a fragile mental state and was being investigated by HM Revenue and Customs for possible tax evasion.

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