Blaming the Babysitter


One weekend in January 2005 a 13 year old girl named Ashley Howes was asked the babysit the young daughter of a family friend, she jumped at the chance to earn a few dollars and thought the experience would be fun. A few hours after arriving the toddler would be dead after stopping breathing and Howes would find herself facing second-degree murder charges, accused of shaking the baby to death.

Blaming the Babysitter is an hour long 2006 TV documentary about the events from that fateful weekend and examines the case against Howes. Did she shake the baby to death? Or should the parents shoulder some blame for entrusting somebody so young and inexperienced to care for a baby for a whole weekend? Should Ashley Howes have been charged with murder, or was this all a terrible accident and did parental negligence play a part?

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