Africa’s Moonshine Epidemic


Uganda’s are said to be the hardest drinking people in Africa, and their choice of drink is a super strong moonshine called ‘Waregi’ which translates into ‘War Gin’, more people per capita drink in Uganda than in any other country in the world. A Vice crew visits Uganda to find out more about a toxic drink which is making people go blind.

They meet a government minister who explains that drinking is a part of their culture, the reality is that they are suffering an epidemic. We see how the Waregi is made out of Banana juice, of all things. The filmmakers fail completely to present a picture of a dangerous liquor but instead just show how a tribe make their own drink, and it gets them drunk, like any other liquor.

Not Vice’s best work, we didn’t get to meet a single person who had been made blind by the substance, for example, and no real evidence that Waregi is any more dangerous than Smirnoff Vodka. They did touch upon the fact that same tribe members have to drink Waregi every day, but you could visit any bar in England or America and find a few people like that right?

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