9/11: The Explosive Reality

Published on 29th March 2017 by

9/11: The Explosive Reality is a documentary based around the mainstream news reporting of the events which occurred on September 11th 2001, it consists mostly of numerous clips of news footage from major media networks and television commentary from the day which appears to contradict the official government story of what happened on that day. It then looks at the change in rhetoric in the days which followed, including the use of various ‘experts’ who attempt to spin the story into a different direction and create a narrative which suits the establishment.

We haven’t been able to ascertain who it was that put in the serious hours compiling this series of clips and then editing them into an almost two hour long documentary, it appears to have first appeared online in 2007 and there are claims online that the uploader’s YouTube account was terminated soon after, and that several attempts to upload the video to other platforms including the now defunct Google video site resulted in a quick take down. It then reappeared on YouTube again at the 2007, where it still exists now as a 12 part video. The embed on DocumentaryVine.com is all 12 parts together in one 110 minute long video.

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