100 Per Cent White


For two years in early 90’s photojournalist Leo Regan followed and photographed Combat 18, an extreme group of ultra-violent skinhead neo-nazis, following them on demonstrations and immersing himself into every aspect of their personal lives. He documented their violence through photography and published a photo book on the experience (See: Public Enemies).

Fast forward ten years from the start of that project and he embarked on another, to track down some of the members of the group that he got to know and find out what has happened in their lives in the intervening years. The result is this excellent BAFTA award winning year 2000 TV documentary, it explores whether they have changed any of their views and the difficulties that they have had reintegrating into normal society. Regan is also the director of the epic heroin documentaries Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply (1998) and Cold Turkey (2001)

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